Ben 10 Themed Birthday Decoration


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Expert Birthday Party Planners & Organisers are the best and premier choice for Themed Birthday Parties. So this time, the team of Expert Birthday Planners & Organisers was at Hotel Maryland, Chandigarh for a Ben 10 Themed Birthday Party Decoration. There we had to decorate the Entrance Gate, Cake Table, Roof and Walls of the party hall with green & yellow balloons.

As the party was in the basement of the hotel, so we started with stairs. We decorated the stairs with balloons, then we came down to the party hall there was a balloon arch on the entrance gate of the party hall. There we placed many flower shaped balloons on walls of the pary hall, and we decorated the roof, as we hanged so many balloon bunches with ribbon on the roof. There we placed cutouts of Ben 10 theme. Ben 10 Themed foil balloon was placed on every guest table.

Not only this, the main attraction of the decoration was cake table decor. Ben 10 Theme & Gwen cutouts was placed on the balloon pillars in the cake zone including the Ben 10 theme flex backdrop with some pics of birthday boy. Cake Table decoration was giving a awesome look as you can see in the pics below.

In the part of entertainment, there was a Ben 10 Clown, Tattoo Artist, Magician with his Magic Show, Kids Bouncy and an anchor as Game Coordinator to play games with kids and adults as well. He played couple games, kids games, etc. And the guest had lot of fun in the party.